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House of Abs is a subsidiary brand of Abundant Fitness LLC. Our group personal training program is focused to tone and sculpt your midsection very quickly, while strengthening your core muscles. Every member must go through a 30 minute 4 round 16 exercises HIIT circuit before the workout of the day (new abdominal, cardio and core workout routines every day). Our group personal training program will provide you with an customized nutrition plan along with access to the House of Abs section. Join our program today..


1.       Round One "Strength"- exercises in regards to forming the abdominal and strengthening the core. 

2.       Round Two "Toning"-this round is focused on toning the midsection.

3.       Round Three "Fat Burning." Cardio is the key as well as nutrition to losing body fat percentage. You first must burn off the body fat through proper cardio to properly define the area. You will do new cardio exercises that embraces the core.

4.       Round Four "Sculpting". These Ab Exercises are to incorporate for proper Ab stimulation. .


Why the House of Abs studio?

DOING OUR HOUSE OF Abs CIRCUITS CAN TOTALLY DEFINE YOUR Ab VERY QUICKLY WHILE FOLLOWING OUR CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLAN. Strong abs not only help strengthen your lower back, but also improve upon your posture. Most lower back injuries occur, believe it or not, due to weak abs. Focus on these areas and over time, you will see improved results.


About the Body Fat:


BODY FAT PERCENTAGE CAN DETERMINE YOUR HEATH STATUS, WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IN FITNESS & LIFE. Fat storage in our waist and abdomen area can be particularly problematic. There are two types of fat within the midsection of the human body, visceral – the fat that surrounds our organs – and subcutaneous – the fat around your midsection that you can grab and squeeze. While visceral fat causes the majority of health problems, it is generally easier to manage through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Subcutaneous fat – while less problematic for health concerns – can be extremely hard to lose and is the primary cause behind unflattering features like “beer bellies” and “love handles.”By being in the House of Abs and training program will give members the proper structure to live a total healthy lifestyle, while being in the best shape of your life. Results are guaranteed within three weeks by being in the House of Abs three times a week for 30 minutes. It's very likely that 500 calories are burned in the House of Abs, due to it's fast pace workout. We welcome you to "The House"!

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